General Questions

An online learning school is an educational institution that offers courses and programs delivered online, allowing students to access and complete their studies remotely from anywhere with an internet connection.

Yes, PACE-e-School is recognised and approved by the Rajasthan Government.

PACE-e-School is affiliated to the Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan (RBSE).

To enrol with PACE-e-School, parents and students can fill the online admission form given on our website or visit our School Head Office in Udaipur for offline admission. Upon successful enrolment, students will gain access to our online courses, which will be made available on the mobile number provided during the enrollment process.

PACE-e-School is currently offering admissions to 9-12th standards

Schooling on the metaverse refers to education and learning taking place within a virtual, interconnected space, enabling immersive experiences and collaborative learning through avatars and digital environments.

In PACE-e-School the lectures will be conducted online, allowing students to learn from the comfort of their homes.

Online classes can be as effective as traditional classroom learning when well-designed, incorporating interactive elements and fostering active student engagement. Online learning provides students with a flexible learning environment, allowing them to access course materials and participate in classes at their own pace and convenience.

As per the norms of the RBSE board, the subjects covered for grades 9 & 10 are Subjects covered for grades 11& 12 are

Teachers at PACE-e-School are recruited as per RBSE Board norms, holding both post-graduate qualifications and B.Ed degrees.

Yes, our online learning platform includes live lectures, enabling a two-way interaction between the students, teachers and classmates in real-time during online classes.

Every student will be provided with e-books, lecture notes, and other study materials from the school. They will be asked to submit regular assignments online to their assigned teacher based of their grade.

In order to attend the online lectures, e-books, assignments and assessments students will require a smart device/PC and a stable internet connection.

Students will receive a well-structured timetable, along with access to recorded lectures. These recorded lectures will enable them to review and reinforce any topic at their convenience and learn at their own pace, whenever necessary.

The assessments, exams and grading system at PACE-e-School will as per the guidelines of the RBSE board.

At PACE-e-School we focus on fostering a holistic learning environment and hence we have incorporated various extracurricular activities to enhance the soft skills of our students ranging from literary skills, eloquence, art, dance& music to academics.

Students will receive the necessary guidance and support live virtual classrooms, with teachers, online chat support, and dedicated help desks and support portals for a swift resolution of any academic or technical issues that may arise during the course.

At PACE-e-School we believe in following a student centric aproach to learning focusing on the needs of every student and providing a personalized guidance to every student. Students will have the opportunity of individual doubt solving sessions with the teachers and one-on-one turoting to take care of all their academic needs and make learning an enriching experience for them.

At PACE-e-School, students have access to a comprehensive range of resources for college and career guidance, including personalized counseling sessions, workshops on resume building and interview skills, and a database of higher education institutions and career opportunities to explore. These resources aim to empower students to make informed decisions about their academic and professional futures.

The science experiments will be conducted as per the norms of the RBSE. In addition to that PACE-e-School will also offer students with an experiential hands on learning experience with virtual science experiments that are safe and interactive.

Yes, students will get to chance to participate in the annual sports and cultural fest of the school.

Kindly refer to the fee chart given on our website and the brochure