Our Refund Policy

Technical issue

In case of any technical issue due to which the payment gets deducted from the payer’s account and does not show in our official ERP but the payment gateway service clearly mentions the confirmed settlement thereafter the Institute’s account receives the payment. We manually submit the payment in our ERP. It should take 7-10 working days for the payment to be credited in Institute’s account.

Multiple Payments Case:

If double payment happens and the payment gateway service clearly mentions it, the school will refund the payment after the Institute’s account receives payment. Which should take 7-10 working days for the back payment or we can adjust the amount to the next month fee as per Payers request.

Other Payments Case:

In all other cases where there is a discrepancy in the fee paid, the parent has to directly contact the School and the Institute’s decision would be final.

Contact Address

Head Office

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Tel : (+91) 022 2624 5563 / (+91) 98211 04011, Website: https://paceeschool.com/; E-Mail: support@paceeschool.com

You may contact us during office hours: Timings: 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM